At First Family Home Care, our tagline is "Keeping Families Connected". We use Technology to Connect You in Two Important Ways:

  • Connecting Caregivers with your Loved One;
  • Connecting Caregivers with You;

Step 1: Connecting Caregivers with Your Loved One:

Our Caregiver MatchSM process will ensure we have the right match of Caregiver brought into your home to meet the personality and lifestyle of your parent or loved one. And we will take this a step much farther. Our Caregivers are given touchscreen tablets to ensure the relationship between Caregiver and your loved one is actively encouraged, nurtured and monitored. Doing the daily chores, etc is important, however it is also just as important to stimulate your loved one's mind and body.

Step 2: Connecting Caregivers with You:

Almost as important as the care being given on a daily basis, is the comfort in knowing that they are being taken care of properly. We know it's a difficult decision to place the care of your loved one in another's hands. To help build and maintain this trust, our caregivers maintain a daily journal of the ongoing and consistent care provided. At any time, you can log into our system to get regular updates. Our notations will be very detailed in scope, ranging from the level of care to the wellbeing of your loved one. Notations will also include observations regarding moods, behaviors, eating habits, daily routines and range of motion.