Our Caregivers

At First Family Home Care, our staff is our greatest asset. Our On-call team working to support you and your needs consists of:

  • Managing Administrator - oversees all executive decisions and our commitment to corporate values and excellence in a professional and compassionate manner.
  • Managing Nurse(s) - our Registered Nurse ensures a balance of objective care with expertise and experience with the subjective support of friendly, patient and warm personal care. They conduct the initial In-home Assessment and design and manage your loved one's personalized Plan of Care.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse(s) - depending on the complexity of your case, they will act as a liaison between you and the physicians, caregivers and community services. We strive to keep a ratio of one LPN per 12 caregiver cases to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants - with a higher level of certification than a home health aide, our CNAs are the primary point of contact with your loved ones on a daily basis.
  • Companion Aides - these home health aides are the ideal candidates for those seeking companionship and friendly conversation. They can assist with personal care, homemaking services and transportation.

Our Ongoing Verification and Training Process

We Value the Trust You Put in Us so We Take Steps to Maintain It. At First Family Home Care, all of our caregivers are screened, bonded and covered by both liability and worker's comp insurance. They also go through a vigorous interview process including testing, reference checks, and certification verification. Caregivers must agree to submit to drug testing and a federal criminal background check. All of our caregivers are subject to training before they enter your home as well as comprehensive ongoing continuing education. Every caregiver we send into a home is someone we would trust in our own home.

Our Team Approach

Layers Support to Ensure You are Covered. Our team approach helps to ensure that we are handling all of your home care details so you and your loved one can have peace of mind. This approach also helps to provide our caregivers with a mentor and peer support system. To learn more about our Tiered Support system Click Here

Our Commitment to Excellence

Excellence goes Beyond the Objective.With competitive salaries and our extensive vetting process, we can be sure we are only hiring top talent when it comes to experience and skill sets. But we take this a step much further in order to meet our commitment to excellence. We make sure our caregivers are friendly, caring and optimistic on a personal level because we know this will translate into making your loved one's experience as comfortable and positive as possible. Moreover, we make sure they are reliable. We do this by not hiring anyone whose resume indicates a lack of total commitment to their profession. We understand that it is more than just a career; it is a calling!