Services + Relationship = Companionship Care

We offer more than professional home care services; we build lasting relationships! At First Family Home Care, we have a boutique approach to our service because what we offer is much more than just a wide array of professional home care support services for both you and your loved one. Our caregiver is a companion who adds desired value to your loved one's life. We are not just "baby sitters". We will actively engage your loved ones, keep them present, and improve their quality of life. And for you, we provide peace of mind; knowing that your loved one is in professional and caring hands.

Complimentary Care Assessment

A personalized Plan of Care to meet your specific needs. To determine the best level of care needed for your loved one, First Family Home Care will provide you with an Initial Care Assessment, free of charge. Together, our Managing Administrator and our Managing Nurse, will visit your home to identify the level of care and support you need. There is not just a medical and needs based assessment. This is also a personality assessment. Using our Caregiver Match methodology, we will match a caregiver who is the best fit to provide you with the personalized care your loved one deserves. We firmly believe the personality fit is often the most important aspect to making a relationship like this work long-term.

An Entire Spectrum of Home Care Services

First Family Home Care Companionship and Home Health Care services are available 24/7. We are here whenever and wherever you need us. Our concierge services focus on improving the health and wellbeing of your loved one entrusted in our care. Based on our Initial Assessment to analyze what level of care is needed, our nurse will develop a specific, personalized Plan of Care for your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home. While we are very careful to develop a detailed Plan of Care, the following is a broad snapshot of our Home Care Services:

Personal Care – it can be quite frustrating and demoralizing when your loved one finds it mentally and physically challenging to do the basics. Our caregivers will be there to handle all of the details in a discreet and compassionate manner; with Personal Care from bathing and dressing to toileting and hygiene. We provide further assistance with medications, nutrition and hydration. We also offer personalized care management services to help set doctor's appointments, find someone to safety proof your home or find a doctor that takes Medicare, and we're available to makes house calls.

Homemaking – A clean home doesn't just promote a warm feeling, it is also a must to remove safety hazards and mental frustrations. Our caregivers will be there whenever needed to do such things as prepare meals, laundry, changing linens and housekeeping.

Companionship – We will actively engage your loved one to promote a healthy, stimulating and loving environment. This begins with getting to know your loved one on a personal level. Only then can our caregiver truly be there as a welcomed companion to deliver such boutique services such as: transportation to social events, shopping, errands, accompaniment to appointments, leisure games at home and friendly conversation.

Alzheimer's, Dementia & Parkinson's care – We understand how frustrating and scary it can be for both you and your loved one when dealing with a degenerative physical and mental disease. Our service begins with making sure your loved one is a safe environment; with an ongoing focus to make sure clutter is removed and a routine is established. Both of these help to remove confusion and unnecessary stress for your loved one. While our caregivers are skilled in providing a high level of support, it is just as important to match your loved one with someone who is compassionate, patient and friendly. Our caregivers are not there to babysit. We are there to actively and cognitively engage our clients to keep them present, with the goal of delaying the effects of dementia.

Journals- A Trusted Level of Verifiable Support

Our Caregivers take it to the next level to ensure you are included in your loved one's affairs. On a daily basis, your personally selected caregiver will keep a daily journal to document both the level of care and the wellbeing of your loved one. Our caregivers will record notes of all services and extracurricular activities provided; as well as notes on observations ranging from moods, behaviors, eating habits and daily routines. These will all be available online for you to review at your leisure to help demonstrate our commitment to a high level of support and companionship.