Why Choose First Family Home Care

Given the choice, all of us would want to keep living in the comfort and safety of our own homes. Doing so however sometimes means having to make the choice to get some help. That's where First Family Home Care comes in. What distinguishes us from the normal home care service of other agencies is our commitment to excellence with things such as:

Keeping You Connected with Technology - our caregivers keep an online journal to document all services performed on a daily basis. This includes updating additional things such as extracurricular activities and your loved one's mood, behavior, health, eating habits and routines. You can log in anytime to get up to date verification how things are going through our client portal. To learn more, click here.

Our Caregiver Match Process - we have a vigorous screening process to select only the top tier caregivers with the most experience. During our complimentary in-home assessment, which will be provided by our Managing Administrator and our Managing Nurse, we have a vetted process to get to know the specific personality and needs of your loved one. Throughout this process, we will provide your caregiver with continuing education to make sure the match remains a great fit. To learn more, click here.

Our Tiered Support Approach - while it all starts with finding the proper caregiver to match your personalized needs, we do a lot more to ensure we are providing high level concierge services. A Registered Nurse will design and oversee a very specific Plan of Care custom built to your loved one's fit. On an ongoing basis, a member of our management team will be providing on-site checkups to ensure our level of excellence continues to be met. We will also conduct periodic reassessments to ensure we are remaining proactive in our care. To learn more, click here.

Other Items that Distinguish First Family Home Care

We go above and beyond to ensure we are Montgomery County's preeminent home care provider. Here are a few more ways that we stand out:

Locally owned and operated. - Our owners are lifelong Marylanders, and we are not a franchise.

Hands-on Ownership. - Our owners are involved in day to day operations and our involved in every case.

Employees; not contractors. - We are not a referral agency and do not contract out our work ensuring accountability across the board.

No long term contract. - We stand by our commitment to excellence. Thus, you can cancel at anytime.